Why should you take biotin for hair seriously?

Biotin popularly known as vitamin B7 is the main nutrient that is required for healthy nerve, digestive, metabolic, and cardiovascular functions. According to some well-known hair specialists, our body should have an adequate amount of biotin for hair growth. It is important not only for your scalp but also your overall body.

This nutrient can help your food to turn into energy and make you have healthy hairs, skin, nails, and eyes. It can be found in many different types of products, such as supplements, multivitamins, and shampoos. However, you should consider consulting a hair physician before starting any supplement or product so that possible complications can be avoided.

Benefits of biotin for hair growth


As we mentioned above, it is claimed that this nutrient promotes the growth of hair in the human beings. The deficiency of biotin often results in hair loss that can cause problems for many people.

Have a look at some of the main benefits of biotin for hair growth:


Strengthen hairs

According to the research of the University of Maryland Medical Center, the biotin can make your hairs strong. If you are dealing with the weak hairs, then consider using shampoos having biotin as it can help with flaky scalps.

biotin for hair growth

The people should use biotin for hair loss because it also promotes its volume. Generally, the shampoos containing biotin are known as “pro-vitamin B”.


Treating Hair Disorders

The children and adults suffering from the alopecia should add biotin in their diet. This condition can cause complete or partial hair loss and it can be treated with this vitamin nutrient. It is considered as an effective treatment while using it in a conjunction with zinc and propionate.


Reduction in hair loss

The biotin deficiency can result in brittle and thin hairs that can create problems for many people. The people dealing with this problem should add biotin for hair as it helps in maintaining them healthy. There are many females who experience hair loss while pregnancy. They should increase the amount of biotin in their diet for reducing the hair loss problem.

What are major sources of biotin for hair growth?


Biotin is also popularly known as vitamin H or vitamin B7 that has been founded around seventy years ago. It is known as the B complex that gives a huge boost to the hairs, liver, eyes, and skin. It makes sure that hairs grow at an adequate rate and help in dealing with the dry hair.

Now, check out some foods that are the major sources of biotin for hair growth:


Walnut is a tasty food that can be greatly beneficial for your hairs. It has an adequate level of fatty acids that make it a perfect option for adding to your diet.

biotin walnut

Adding a small portion of this food will make sure your body gets enough zinc, protein, iron, and biotin.


It is the perfect source of biotin for the people who are a pure vegetarian and dealing with hair loss issues. Moreover, it is the best leafy vegetable when it comes to protein and other essential nutrients.

Along with that, it is a tasty source of food that is almost loved by all the people.


The egg is a perfect and cheap food that can be greatly beneficial for the health of the scalp. They are extremely rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and protein. All these nutrients have the tendency to repair lots of hair problems.

biotin eggs

Furthermore, they can be eaten or applied directly to the hair to make them shiny and silky. They have the right amount of biotin for hair growth and that’s why should be included in the diet.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the best biotin sources on our list that can minimize hair loss, prevent diabetes, and promotes heart health. Adding one spoon of this food in your diet will give you lots of nutrients that include biotin.

So, if you feel hungry in the evening and looking for a quick snack, then combining one spoon of peanut butter with bread will be a healthy option for your body as well as hair.


We are giving you another reason to add a banana to your diet. Yes, you have heard it right! Along with relieving stress and supplying a great variety of vitamins, this fruit provides enough source of biotin for hair growth.

banana biotin

It will help in making your scalp healthy and provide protection against the high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. Also, digestion in your body will improve and provide a great amount of energy.

Soy Bean

Soybean is one of the richest biotin foods that can be commonly found in almost every kitchen. You will be amazed to know that only 10 grams of this food can give you 60 mg of biotin.

soybean biotin

It is an expensive product that can also lower the risk of cancer along with improving the health of the hair.


You can give your body a good supply of biotin by adding carrot to your diet. In addition to that, it has high levels of beta-carotene that can assist in making eye better.

carrots biotin for hair

This vegetable can do wonders for the people who want to use biotin for hair loss and eliminate it. Some researchers even call it home of biotin, so add this tasty food to your diet.

Cold Water Fish

How can we forget the non-vegetarian lovers in our post? In order to cater their needs, we are adding best non-veg foods having biotin. It is simply an amazing food for the people who want to grow their hair and eliminate problems related to them.

Fish is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are useful for reducing the cholesterol levels and improving blood circulation.


Tuna is one of the best foods for improving the whole health of hair in a natural way. It is a biotin rich food that can prevent the blood sugar, obesity, and stroke.

Apart from making your hair strong, this food can help in reducing the health dangers and making your overall fitness better.


Pork is a rich protein food that can boost your immune system and prevents the injury. In addition to that, it includes magnesium, iron, vitamin B, zinc, and phosphorus.

Furthermore, this food can be cooked, boiled and grilled with many ingredients.


Another excellent source of biotin, green peas has 40 mcg of biotin in every 100 grams when it is fresh. This food can enhance the digestion and also contains high folic acid.


Mushrooms are the perfect food that can assist in preventing cancer, obesity, and make your immune system better. This food offers adequate content of biotin for hair growth.

Make some grilled mushroom sandwiches that can help in making your hair strong.

How to check deficiency of biotin for hairs?


Biotin deficiency is very common in many parts of the world. However, the real question is how you will know that your body isn’t getting an adequate amount of biotin.

There are lots of noticeable symptoms that you can see in your body are brittle nails and thin hairs. Other less common symptoms are depression, skin change, fatigue, muscle pain, and loss of appetite.

biotin for hair growth

What is an adequate amount of biotin for hair growth?


It is pretty important you should take the adequate dosage for boosting the health of your hairs. It can be taken in the form of any supplement after some period of hair loss. However, what is the accurate dosage of biotin in your system for stopping hair loss?

There are two main factors that need to be considered while choosing your right dosage of biotin, i.e. age and health condition. Other important factors that can affect the dosage are alcohol consumption, diet, water consumption, and any antibiotic treatment.

According to the doctors, the functions of biotin can be disturbed due to the alcohol and antibiotics. However, the right amount of water can assist the body in adapting the supplements.

The things become different when it comes to hair loss. We often hear questions like what is the adequate amount to stop hair loss or is there any side effects of biotin vitamins? The bitter reality is there is no appropriate amount of this nutrient for hair loss issues.

So, it can be as much as you want or just low. However, we will mention the limits set by top researchers for the people who want to grow hair and eliminate problems:

  • 9 to 13 years- 20 Micrograms
  • 14 to 18 years- 25 Micrograms
  • Above 18 years- 30 Micrograms




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