How to Treat a Hematoma Naturally and Effectively


As you know, an athlete might face with many injuries during his/her career ranging from mild to moderate, especially people playing contact sports. Some of them only cause a little pain and lead to the formation of a hematoma. But if left untreated, they could become more annoying and interrupt the training program. Hence, you should follow some useful home remedies in this article to get rid of a hematoma and recover damaged skin areas quickly.


What is a Hematoma?

A hematoma is a medical term used to indicate the accumulation of blood underneath your skin which can happen to any part of your body. Not only athletes but also other people are able to catch hematoma while doing their daily activities. For instance, getting punched, slipping, falling off a ladder and traffic collision are also several common reasons for a hematoma. In fact, a hematoma takes time to recover, about couples of days or more than a week. Otherwise, you will endure some uncomfortable symptoms including swelling, sore and unsightly patch of skin.


What Causes a Hematoma?

It is clear to know that a hematoma appears mainly due to an injury or trauma. Indeed, when your body suffers from a big impact, your blood vessels seem to be damaged and broken. Therefore, the blood gradually leaks out of your vessels and spreads into surrounding areas. After a few minutes, it tends to clot and you will notice a discolored skin patch right at the affected position.

However, if you don’t know why you have a hematoma or it does not go away for a long time, you had better visit your doctor for medical examination.

Home Remedies for a Hematoma

  1. Cold & Hot Therapy

If you are seeking some home remedies for hematoma, cold & hot therapy will be your best choice. Firstly, it is totally easy and simple to follow this treatment because everything that you need is right in your kitchen. Secondly, the cold therapy has an ability to relieve the pain along with swelling. While the hot therapy can speed up your healing process and promote the blood flow. Hence, this remedy will not let you down on dealing with a hematoma. After a few times applying it, you apparently feel more relaxed and comfortable.

  • Take some ice cubes into a pack to make an ice pack
  • Prepare the hot therapy by dipping a clean towel or washcloth into hot water
  • Place the ice pack on your hematoma for 20 minutes
  • Afterwards, replace with a warm towel until it turns to room temperature.
  • Keep doing this remedy on a daily basis.




  1. Vinegar

One of the most impressive home remedies on how to get rid a hematoma is vinegar that you should try right now. This vinegar helps stimulate the blood circulation and recovery. Besides, a small amount of acetic acid in vinegar has a great effect on killing bad bacteria and preventing inflammation. As a result, you will no longer have to worry about hematoma.

  • Get half a cup of warm water and some onion slices
  • Then pour 2 – 3 teaspoons of white vinegar (apple cider vinegar) into this cup
  • Stir it up to create a mixture
  • Gently dab it on your affected skin
  • Perform this treatment every day to stay away from the hematoma.



  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also an amazing solution that heads on the list of home remedies for a hematoma. This essential oil will be absorbed into your body through the skin surface and relax the inflammatory tissues. Furthermore, it helps accelerate your healing process, your skin will restore to initial condition within a few days.

  • Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to get the coconut oil
  • Slowly apply it to your suffered areas
  • After that, massage your leg to break the clotted blood
  • Do the solution 2 – 3 times a day to get rid of a hematoma.



  1. Onion

Onion is used as an indispensable spice in many countries around the world by countless generation. But it is totally surprising to know that you can treat a hematoma by using some onion slices. Indeed, onion helps you maintain the elastic and healthy skin. Additionally, it can stimulate the tissue repair process and destroy the clot under your skin.

  • Rub directly some onion into your affected areas. Leave it there for 10 – 15 minutes and wash it off with fresh water.
  • Alternatively, you add more onion and garlic to your daily diet in order to heal this problem more rapidly.



  1. Coffee

Normally, you drink a cup of coffee to have a self-focused morning or stay up all night for a favorite movie. However, you can cover your hematoma by applying a little coffee, do you know that? Thanks to the strong antioxidants in coffee, it helps you reduce the swelling and painful condition.

  • Prepare some coffee powder
  • Pour it all over the suffered skin
  • Use a gauze to hold the coffee powder on your hematoma
  • Wait for 45 – 50 minutes and clean it off with water
  • Follow the method regularly until there is a good


  1. Margarine

Margarine is a useful home remedy for hematoma because of its great components. It has a long cooling effect which is able to reduce the swelling and inflammatory. Moreover, it totally safe and beneficial for children of all ages.

  • Take some margarine and dab it on your discolored skin
  • Gently massage it for 10 – 15 minutes
  • Afterwards, use water to rinse it off
  • Remember to do it daily until your hematoma is disappeared.


  1. Turmeric

Another wonderful home remedy on how to treat a hematoma is turmeric because it is considered as a natural painkiller. With the antibacterial and antioxidant content of turmeric, it has a great impact on decreasing pain as well as swollen condition. Plus, it helps repair your blood vessels faster and your discolored skin patches will go away soon.

  • Crush a turmeric root into fresh juice
  • Dab it into the hematoma and use your fingers to massage it gently
  • Keep following this tip to deal with a hematoma.




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