Shagreen Patch- What you need to know about this condition?

shagreen patch

Recently, the number of new diseases has increased in the various parts of the world. The majority of people are completely unaware about them. In order to follow our initiative to make the world healthier, today we will talk about the Shagreen Patch in this post. You will get all the important information about this rare condition.

What really is Shagreen Patch?


It can be defined as elevated soft colored and irregularly shaped patches that can be commonly seen in the patients with tuberous sclerosis. Generally, these spots appear on the neck and lower back and filled with an excess amount of fibrous tissue. It is also found in trunks or thigh areas in some patients, but the numbers are quite low.

shagreen patches

According to a recent research, the shagreen patches are recorded in almost 40% of the complex patients dealing with tuberous sclerosis. The size of these patches is often large, but the patient can hide it easily with the clothes. Moreover, there are very rare cases of disfigurement found in the patients.

There are also chances that it may look like an orange peel in some people. However, bigger or more protuberant patches can results in the rubbing of clothes again and again. It can be of varying sizes and need to be checked by the physician.  In some cases, the people may have to gone through a complicated treatment.

How to diagnose Shagreen Patch?


The final decision about this condition can only be made after consulting a certified physician. According to the article published by the Research Gate, the patient dealing with mild kinds of tuberous sclerosis can ask the doctor for the cosmetic treatment for shagreen patch. Generally, the diagnosis undergoes on the basis of clinical background. There can be a requirement of biopsy in some cases for confirming the diagnosis by the doctors.

The microscopic examination of pigmented skin lesions is performed by using Dermoscopy, which is a non-invasive & vivo technique.  It has greater tendency to make the diagnostic accuracy better. The histopathological changes in the pattern are revealed by the dermoscopic study of skin lesions.

shagreen patch Dermoscopy

This procedure includes a laser treatment or a Reese dermatome for the facial angio fibromas. In order to rule out the pulmonary involvement, the doctor may ask for a chest x-ray. Spontaneous pneumothoraces is the main cause of the death in almost 50% people with the pulmonary involvement in tuberous sclerosis.

Treatment for Shagreen Patch


The treatment for the people who are dealing with this condition varies from person to person due to different types of symptoms. Generally, a common treatment team for the patient dealing with Shagreen patches consists of a medical geneticist, dermatologist, and neurosurgeon.

However, you should keep the thing in mind that there is no specific cure created for this condition. That’s why the exact treatment really depends on the symptoms. In order to give some relief, seizers can involve along different types of anti-epilepsy medicines. The physicians may advise the patients to go on a ketogenic diet that includes regular meals having high-fat. There are some cases where some incredible results recorded in some people with a keto diet.

In the majority of cases where people deal with a shagreen patch, there is no need for any kind of treatment as it creates no medical issues. The problems can only result from the angiofibromas on the face. Along with the laser treatment, the diet changes and medicines can minimize the changes in the skin.

History of Shagreen Patch


The first practical case of this condition was described by the Lerredde and Hallopeau in 1895. Since then, the shagreen patches have been seen in almost 2/5th patients of tuberculosis.  In the earlier cases, it was often mistaken for the plaques of many other common skin conditions.



If you have Shagreen Patch and it doesn’t create any major problem, then there is no need for any treatment. However, if they are on the face or make you uncomfortable, then laser treatment is the last option? Make an appointment with your doctor who will tell you the best possible remedy for this condition.


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