Lifestyle diseases- how they are affecting our lives?

lifestyle diseases

We may have become successful to cope with the dangerous diseases, such as Tuberculosis and Polio, but the number of lifestyle diseases has sharply increased in the last few years. There is no doubt that the older generation was more active and lives a more active lifestyle as compared to the present ones. The advancements in technology have allowed us to have an easier lifestyle. Here, we will provide you details about all the diseases caused due to poor lifestyle.

What really are lifestyle diseases?

The diseases that are resulted due to the way a person lives their life can be defined as the lifestyle diseases. Having little to no physical activity often results in making the body prone to a range of diseases that include emotional issues, and physical ailments. The main reasons for the development of these diseases are mentioned below:

Exercise habits

As we all know, the doctors recommend exercising daily at least 30 minutes. However, the majority of the people avoids this suggestion. So, if you are one of those people, then you might be attracting lifestyle diseases towards you.

Working environment

The environment in which we work plays an important part in our lives. Generally, the people doing sitting jobs barely moves during their working times. The lesser active jobs make the body prone to these types of diseases.


The present day generation loves to eat the unhealthy foods, such as burgers, chips, hot dogs, and other oily foods. Eating this type of foods on a regular basis can be a reason for the lifestyle diseases.

lifestyle diseases


Stress can be a reason for different types of harms to the human body and we should avoid that at any cost. Keeping the stress away from your life can help you in keeping the lifestyle diseases away.

causes of lifestyle diseases

What are the main lifestyle diseases?

There is a great list of diseases that are caused due to poor or inactive lifestyle. We are familiar with the majority of these diseases that include Type II diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and cancer among the ones.

lifestyle diseases

Have a look at some of the main lifestyle diseases that you should know about:

Type II diabetes

Type II diabetes is a dreadful lifestyle disease that has affected more than 400 million people across the world. The main reason for this disease is the higher blood sugar levels that need to be controlled.

Diabetes can be easily prevented by controlling different types of risk factors that include smoking, inactive lifestyle and obesity.

High Blood Pressure

One of the major lifestyle diseases is the high blood pressure that results from a huge range of factors, such as overuse of salt, aging, stress, genetic factors, and obesity.

You might be surprised to know that high blood pressure is the reason for the deaths of 7.5 million people every year. This proves that you have to improve your lifestyle if you want to stay away from the hypertension disease.


The main reasons for obesity are the unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical exercise and heavy meals. More than quarter of the world’s population is dealing with obesity that makes it one of the most common types of lifestyle diseases in the world.

An individual having extra weight has to deal with many issues that include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, breathing problems and much more. The number of younger people dealing with obesity is much more as compared to the older ones. It proves that we need to eliminate this disease from our life for living a healthy lifestyle.

Coronary Artery Disease

As per the latest report by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the coronary artery disease caused the deaths of more than half million Americans in 2016. Although there are some risk factors like genetics or race that we can’t change, still it can be minimized by controlling high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

lifestyle diseases

Over the years, the number of patients dealing with these types of lifestyle diseases is increasing. You can also avoid that by engaging yourself in physical activities regularly and keeping your body weight within the healthy limit.


There are many other factors that cause cancer in a human body, but still having an unhealthy lifestyle and smoking can further increase the risk of this disease. The chances of having cancer can be reduced by maintaining your body weight and eating healthy foods.

lifestyle diseases

Additionally, drinking alcohol in a modern amount, and quitting smoking can help your body to stay away from cancer.


Stroke is one of those lifestyle diseases that are constantly rising among the young generation aged below 40 years. It is an indication of the serious threat that needs to take care in a serious manner.

lifestyle diseases

Generally, a stroke takes place when the supply of blood to the brain gets blocked and creates a deficiency of oxygen in that area. It can be prevented by lowering the blood pressure and following an active lifestyle.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

According to a famous research organization, it is one of the deadliest lifestyle diseases that have become a fourth biggest reason for death in the United States. The symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary consist of chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

In addition to that, the people dealing with this disease often experience coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. This disease can be prevented by avoiding secondhand smoke.

How to prevent lifestyle diseases?

As we have mentioned before, the main reasons for the lifestyle diseases are poor lifestyle habits and it can be avoided by applying simple changes in daily life.

Having the below changes can be beneficial to avoid the majority of lifestyle diseases:

Stay Hydrated

Drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily can remove the toxins out of the body. In addition to that, it will keep your body hydrated and improve the metabolism rate.

Getting enough sleep

One of the best ways to avoid the lifestyle diseases is to sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily. In addition to that, it helps in keeping the body refreshed and improve the sharpness of mind.

Regular Physical activities

There are many different ways through which one can involve themselves in the physical activities. It includes aerobics, swimming, yoga, dance, weight training and walking.

You can select one as your choice and involve yourself in physical activities for half an hour at least five times a week.

Managing Stress

Stress management is the best way to avoid the lifestyle diseases in our daily lives. It can be managed by meditation, yoga and reading books. Try to indulge yourself in some kind of activity that gives you happiness.

Quit Smoking

Smoking reduces the blood flow and blocks the arteries in the body. Quitting smoking will allow you to get rid of the majority of the lifestyle diseases. It may be tough, but with proper dedication and courage, you can do it.

causes of lifestyle diseases

Adopting these changes in your lifestyle will make you feel more healthy and fresh. The lifestyle diseases are born because of the advancement in the technology that made us lazy and reduces the physical activity in our daily life.

Feel free yourself to tell about the suggestions and new ideas that you want to share with us.




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