How can you increase vascularity for having a ripped look?

how to increase vascularity

Learning about how to increase vascularity is not as difficult as most of the people think. It is pretty evident that having a nice road map of veins around the body looks stunning and freaking bad-ass.

No matter what you are looking for, is it to get in shape for a beach holiday or training for a bodybuilding competition, vascularity places an important role in physical development. Veins can be defined as the super path that carries the blood. However, you need to do real work to make them show. Everyone wants those big muscles having a road map of veins making a stunning physique. The real question here is how you can become more vascular?


Vascularity Definition

In simple words, vascularity can be defined as the appearance of the body that has highly visible and ramified superficial veins. It not only means that the veins are just visible, but it should also look separate from the rest of the body and forms the little channels, which can be seen easily.

The majority of the male bodybuilders strike to have this kind of appearance while competing in the competitions because the perception of muscle fitness is offered by it. There is a need for a systematic training program to make yourself ready for a bodybuilding competition that should consist of a strict nutrition plan and daily strength training. Moreover, the vascularity is the major component on the basis of which the overall score is given.  Along with the bodybuilders, the normal individuals can also become vascular through proper dedication, training, and nutrition.



How to increase vascularity in your body?

There is some degree of genetic vascularity in everyone’s body as they are born with it. Its level varies from an individual to individual. However, you can still create it by combining the nutritional methods and strength training. The different exercise techniques can help you in developing higher vascularity level. Additionally, you can follow a specific diet for increasing the visibility of the present veins.

Here, I will tell you about the top methods to increase the vascularity in your body. You will also get complete information about how you can include each of these methods in your training schedule for maximizing the vascularity level in your physique.

  1. Increase Muscle Mass

The first step to having better vascularity is increasing the muscle mass in the body because the bigger muscles require more nutrients and higher amount of blood flow. The large blood vessels and increased blood flow are encouraged by having more muscle mass.


In addition to this, it increases the blood vessel flexibility and boosts the size of the heart.



  1. Include moderate and higher rep ranges

A great amount of energy is used by the working muscle during higher repetition ranges that increases metabolic stress in the body. The rise in stress results in increasing the Nitric Oxide chemical in the body that allows new blood vessels to develop and grow.


You can increase the muscle mass in the body by having multiple sets of a high repetition range. It proves that having 4-5 sets of a particular exercise can help in increasing vascularity.


  1. Get Lean

After genetics, the most vital factor in popping the veins is the amount of your fat your body has. As we all know, the fat is generally stored under the skin, it is literally the main obstacle between you and your veins.



For males, the body fat percentage usually needs to be less than 10%, whereas anywhere less than 15% will work for females.  You need to cut the calories by 300 to 500 if the body fat is your main problem. Try to lose at least 0.5 pounds every week by increasing exercise and reducing calories over the period of next 12-16 weeks.


You should keep the pace consistent if your mission is to have better vascularity.



  1. Decrease Water Retention

If you only thought that the layer between your skin and muscles only holds fat, then you are wrong my friend. It also has water that is stopping your veins to pop out and show. In bodybuilding language, it is known as water retention. The More water you are holding under your skin, the lesser vascularity is going to be in your body.  It means that drying out the water you are holding in your body can make a big difference in the vascularity level.


There are many different ways to reduce the water retention in your body. However, the best one is a process popular as flushing that involves drinking a great amount of water for raising the release of the aldosterone hormone. It will further result in sweat production and more urine. Also, reduce the carbohydrates from the diet for preventing water retention by the glucose stored in the blood and muscles. It will lower the water retention in the body and result in increasing the muscle vascularity.



  1. Eating the thermogenic foods

If I say you that learning how to increase vascularity is simply eating correct food, then what will the thought in your mind. That’s right, adding more and more thermogenic foods can help your veins in popping out of your body.


See your body will push the blood towards the skin and away from the internal organs naturally if your basal body temperature rises. It is a natural occurrence and the reason behind this is very simple that your body doesn’t want the organs to get overheated.


In order to increase the vascularity level in your body, you should eat foods that can have thermogenic effects on your body. Some of the best thermogenic foods are ginger, cayenne pepper, chili, and cinnamon.


The best recipe to do so is mixing ginger and cayenne pepper in water and then drink it. Along with increasing vascularity naturally, it also boosts the testosterone level in the body.



  1. Have a pump before clicking photos

Having an intense and short resistance workout prior to a clicking a photo can result in blood vessel dilation and muscle swelling.


In the fitness world, this swelling is called as a pump that can assist in improving vascularity and overall body physique. It is very common for bodybuilders have pre-show pumping and it makes a great difference in their physique.



  1. Do your cardio regularly

There might hundreds of excuses to skip the cardio, but one reason to do it for the individuals who want to become vascular is that it helps in promoting more prominent veins.


Cardio is one of the best ways to create a greater calorie deficit that results in reducing body fat. As I mentioned above, the leaner you are, the better vascular looks you have. In addition to that, you can promote blood flow to your muscles by making cardio a staple in your exercise schedule.


  1. Increasing body temperature

Raising the temperature of the body will cause the widen the blood vessels and make them more visible. You can increase your body temperature through exercise or steam rooms.


Another amazing benefit of increasing body temperature is that it helps in decreasing water retention, and that’s why it will directly result in increasing vascularity. You should utilize this method prior to clicking pictures of your body.


  1. Use foam roaming before and after completing workouts

Foam roaming is hugely popular as the warm up activity for improving the body flexibility. However, it’s also a perfect and easiest way to promote the level of Nitric Oxide in the bloodstream that can enhance the flexibility of blood vessels and improves the levels of vascularity.


In addition to that, foam roaming is an adequate way to get proper recovery from the training and can be used anywhere, whether it is at the beach or stage during the competition.



How can supplements help in increasing vascularity?

There are some supplements that can help you in making your body vascular.  One of the best ones is L-Arginine and taking it 3 to 6 grams prior to a workout can help in developing a  bigger muscle pump and allow more veins to pop out of your body.

Along with L-Arginine, the creatine monohydrate is another supplement that can increase vascularity in your body. This supplement can make your muscles to uptake more amount of blood that can promote the level of blood fluid in your veins.

I hope that reading this article you have got the answer on how to increase vascularity in your body. See, keep one thing in mind that there is nothing like a magic formula that can bring out your veins out. You have to train like a real man, become lean and drink plenty of fluids for popping your veins out of your skin.

Following things mentioned in this article will result in improving the level of vascularity in your body. So, don’t forget to tell me about the change you have in your body after following these tips.


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