How to grow hair faster?

grow hair faster

If you are losing your hair day by day or your hair getting thin, then you may hear of shaving the hair. After the shave the head, it obviously looks ugly or weird and wants to get hair grow fast. There is no need to worry, we are here for our readers to get something new hacks regarding daily life. We will share some tips to grow hair faster within a few days. Forget to mention that these tips also can follow by who do not shave their head and want to get long hair. After reading this article you will definitely find, you are looking for.

grow hair faster

Do not use Shampoo

Yes! You heard right, actually, shampoo is made for removing dirt and softened your hair. But there is also the negative effect on hair growth and get hair loss problem, because with dirt shampoo removes some essential oil from the scalp that helps to grow the hair quickly. So, guys, I know this is very tough for guys like me to do work out and get sweaty quickly, but you have to do this to get results.

Make Conditioner Friendly

Use conditioner on daily basis, because conditioner will help to get roots nourished. Many of people may notice that their ends of the hair are thinner compared than other hair. This is because the lower hair doesn’t get nourishment well. After every hair, wash conditions them and make hair healthy.

Hot Oil massages

Everyone is aware of this tip but do not follow in the right way. First of all, you have to decide which oil suits you. Many people use Lavender Oil, Almond oil or Coconut oil for head massage to get relaxed. If I talk about me, I use Coconut oil. First get hot coconut oil that your scalp bears the temperature. Just put on the scalp and spread the all over the head with your fingertips and slowly massage your head. That will definitely give you the results.

Egg Mask

If you are looking for better results, should know hair is the form of protein. If you give more protein to your hair roots, then you will definitely get the results. First, you should know the things that contain a good amount of protein that can help your hair to grow fast. The egg is good to use on hair roots, just mix one spoon lavender oil with one egg white and apply to hair. Leave that for 20 minutes prior shampooing and you are done.

Say Goodbye to Stress

Basically, in every disease, stress plays a very important part, nowadays human lifestyle is getting hectic day by day, due to so much workload human gets addicted of stress that becomes the main reason of any disease. So stay calm and work easily or meditate regularly that will help to get rid of stress. If you are losing hair day by day just break the mirror of your room or not take a selfie for 2 months you will definitely get results.


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