Cow Milk- Health Benefits and Nutritional facts

cow milk benefits

It doesn’t matter which country you live, you must have come across the cow milk. It is the primary type of animal milk in the majority of countries across the world. There are more than 6 billion people on the earth who consumes cow milk on a regular basis. In this article, we will tell you about some interesting facts and information about the cow milk.

Cow milk has been one of the most consumed milk in many major countries, such as United States, India, United Kingdom, etc. The basis of all types of dairy products is formed by this milk. It has been drunk by the people from 6,000 BC. In ancient times, only wealthy people had the privilege to consume it.

However, the time has changed now and it is possible for everyone to consume cow milk.  There are lots of misconceptions among the people regarding this milk but is extremely rich in a number of nutrients and considered as a very beneficial food by the doctors.

Have there been any extra benefits of cow milk other than the normal milk?

Cow milk is available in almost all the countries across the world and still, it is taken for granted by the people. There are some incredible benefits of the cow milk for a human that consist of fat reduction, heart protection, elimination of inflammation, building strong bones and teeth, etc.  

Have a look at the main cow milk benefits in detail

Prevents Diabetes

benefits of cow milk

There are high levels of vitamin B and essential minerals in the cow milk that helps to run the body’s metabolism in a smoother way. Additionally, it helps in digesting the food easily that regulates the levels of glucose and insulin in the body.

Diabetes can be prevented by maintaining the blood sugar levels within the normal range.

Protects the heart

Studies have proven that the cow milk can reduce the cardiovascular diseases and minimize the chances of a heart stroke. So, if you are looking to offer some protection to your heart, then don’t forget to drink this milk on a regular basis.

The potassium and magnesium content in the milk work as a vascodilators to increase the blood flow to the vital organs and reduces the blood pressure. A complete protection is offered by the cow milk to the heart and cardiovascular system.


As we all know, milk is the best source of calcium that can protect the body from many chronic ailments including arthritis conditions, pre-menstrual syndrome, cancer, bone loss and much more.

Along with that, it can also assist in losing unwanted fat. Cow milk is one of the cheapest and readily available sources of calcium available everywhere.

Healthy Teeth and Bones

These are some of the main benefits of cow milk, especially for children. There is a high content of calcium and other essential nutrients in this type of milk that makes the bones strong and increases its density.


In addition to that, it prevents both the decay as well as cavities for making the teeth strong.

Reduce Stress

Consuming a glass of cow milk can be greatly useful in reducing the stress from your life. This milk has the capability to relax the tense muscles and soothe the frayed nerves. Along with that, it has proved to be useful in boosting the energy inside the body and reducing the PMS symptoms.

cow milk

Inflammatory Issues

There is a combination of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidant minerals, and proteins in cow milk that makes it a wonderful substance for dealing with the inflammatory issues. Also, the unique blend of nutrients available in the cow milk improves the digestion efficiency and promotes the absorption of nutrients.

Glowing Skin

It is one of the biggest cow milk benefits for the skin. Drinking a glass of this milk can help your skin to glow and stay soft. There are lots of nutrients present in it that can be useful for the skin. The amino acids make the skin moisturized while the lactic acid works as an exfoliant and helps to smooth the skin.

Is Diabetic cause cow milk?

One of the biggest controversial issues is about the relationship between diabetes and cow milk. There is a big question among everyone’s mind on whether diabetic cause cow milk? Let us go about this in detail:

There are many people who have linked the early exposure to cow’s milk to an immune system which can cause the type 1 diabetes in some kids. The immune system of the body reacts to a trigger that can be casein protein from cow’s milk or it can be cow insulin. The human system of the body gets confused by the structural similarities between the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells and triggering molecule.


That’s why the cells in the pancreas get attacked and all this leads to the production of insulin that might result in type I diabetics. In order to avoid this, it is better to avoid the cow milk for the first 11 months to the new born baby.

When it comes to type II diabetes, some of you may be surprised to know that the cow milk actually offers protection against it.  Moreover, the recent research suggests that it lowers the risk of developing diabetes by 60%. So, all you need to do is to don’t feed the babies with cow milk for first eleven months of their life. Having a glass of this milk daily can protect the adults and teens against diabetes.

Cow Milk Nutrients

There is an abundance of nutrients in the milk of a cow. It consists of adequate carbs, healthy fat, proteins, minerals, vitamins and much more. Check the below chart to find out the comparison of cow milk calories and nutrients to the almond milk, rice, and soy milk.

diabetes cause cow milk


You can check on this chart that the cow milk calories consist of more amounts of healthy nutrients, such as carbohydrate, protein, calcium, vitamins, potassium, and fat. Additionally, this version of milk offers more energy to the body than the other types.

Some cautions need to be taken while drinking cow milk

Cow milk is beneficial for the majority of the people. However, there is need to follow some caution while drinking it that is mentioned below:

  • The cow milk can be allergic to some people and that’s why they should consult with their doctors before drinking it.
  • There is around 4.7% lactose in this milk that is extremely to digest for many individuals due to the weaker immune system.
  • There are many places in the world where the cow is treated with the recombinant bovine growth hormone. According to some researchers, this hormone can result in some health problems that include infertility, lameness, and mastitis.


Cow milk vs. Buffalo milk

It has a topic of discussion for many years among the people. However, both the milk has their own type of benefits that differ from each other. Look at the below table that shows the complete comparison of cow milk vs. Buffalo milk.


From looking into above table, you should have understood that both are useful and perfect at their place.

To sum up, we can say that it is very beneficial to drink a glass of cow milk regularly. It gives protection from lots of diseases and offers many essential nutrients to the body. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this article, feel free to comment below. Your suggestions are welcomed.


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