Arg 9- A Cheap & Wonderful Supplement for Vascularity?

No one will call you a bodybuilder until your veins started to pop out on your body after a tough workout session. There are greater chances that some of the people have that kind of veins naturally while others don’t have it despite working hard in the gym. Today, we will tell you about a low-cost supplement, named Arg 9 that can help you in increasing the vascularity in your body.

Lots of our readers usually think about top brands, like Optimum Nutrition, Muscletech, Ultimate Nutrition when we thought about bodybuilding supplements. However, the bitter truth is that they are hard to afford for Indians, especially students or professionals who have just started their career. Moreover, there are a lot of fake supplements in the Indian market that can affect our health badly instead of making it better. Without further delay, we will now start our topic and tell you how this product can increase your vascularity. Read the complete article carefully.

What is Arg 9?


Arg 9 is basically a medical supplement having ingredients, such as L-Arginine that is responsible for increasing the amount of Nitric Oxide in the body. It further results in promoting the vascularity in a direct way. Apart from that, this supplement can be greatly beneficial for boosting the performance of the gym and boosting the immune system. This medicine treats angina pectoris and relaxes the blood vessels.


How Arg 9 can improve the vascularity in the body?


The main ingredient in Arg 9 sachets or powder is the L-Arginine that is the same ingredient that you will get paid a high amount of money to buy supplements of huge brands. This ingredient converts into the nitric oxide that helps to open your blood vessels so that blood flow can increase in your body. It is available in many types of foods, like kidney beans, red meat, beef, etc. However, the quantity is quite low.

If you are a normal person, then there is no need for additional L-arginine through supplementation. But the things work differently if you are a gym freak and want to pump your body to the highest level. It is a safe supplement that can many other benefits along with the vascularity.

How Arg 9 Effects on Pre-Workouts?


The majority of trainers suggests taking L-Arginine about half an hour prior to start training. It assists in elevating the flow of blood to the muscles that allow you to look more vascular during a workout. If you are a complete beginner, then start with a 1 gram dose of this nutrient in a post workout meal. Once your body begins to acknowledge it, you can increase the dose.


There is a great variety of supplements having arginine available in the market, but the majority of them cost too much. Furthermore, the Indian market has lots of fake supplements that are a total waste of money. However, Arg 9 is a medicine that is approved by the Indian Health Department. This makes it an authentic product that can be easily bought from the local chemist shop.

How Arg 9 Effects on Post-Workouts?


Along with pumping your veins, the Arg 9 is really helpful in minimizing the fatigue after a training session. It is an essential supplement for the athletes as well as bodybuilders. There is a great amount of L-arginine that is a semi-conditionally amino acid. It isn’t a necessary nutrient for the normal human, but it is important after a workout session. You will feel a higher vascularity in your body.

Adding L-Arginine in your post workout schedule can minimize the fatigue and give a boost to the muscles. Furthermore, you can promote the growth of hormone by adding 1/3rd of the Arg sachet available in the market daily. It will give you 1 g L-Arginine and 25mg proanthocyanidin that will result in the body to feel less drained.

Best Ways to Take Arg 9?


You can shop this medicine from the market in the sachet of 5 grams. It is available in a range of flavors, such as orange, tangy, etc. You can take Arg by dissolving it in a water and then mixing it with a spoon. After that, you can drink this mixture immediately.



There is no doubt that there are many supplements who can work better than this medicine during your workout, but you have to pay a higher amount of money for buying this. They became extremely costly after reaching Indian market due to the customs charges. The people who can afford brands, like ON, MuscleTech, etc. should go for them.

Arg 9 sachet can do wonders for the people, especially students or youngsters who can’t afford those supplements, but still wants to look vascular during the workout.

Please Note: The people who are having any health complications should consult with their doctor before start taking this medicine.



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